Who We Are

The Pearl Street church of Christ is a group of believers who are striving to serve the Lord according to His will and His instructions as found in His inspired word. To this end we have no head, but Jesus the Christ; we have no creed, but the Bible; we have no name, but “Christian”. We also believe that the spiritual lives of the Christians of the early church, including their worship practices, are examples to imitate. We, therefore, meet on the first day of the week for worship service; partake of the Lord’s Supper every first day of the week; sing acappella praises to the Lord and baptize by immersion for the remission of sins.
It is our strong desire to exhibit the love of God to all with whom we come in contact and in all that we do. As the saying goes, “We are not a perfect people, but a people serving a perfect God.”
Please also visit our Facebook page,                                                             www.facebook.com/PearlStreetchurchofChristLynchburgOH.

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